Following a baffling turn of events for the Doctor in the 50th anniversary episode of BBC's 'Doctor Who' entitled 'The Day Of The Doctor', producer Steven Moffat intends to drop another bombshell on Whovians this Christmas.

Matt Smith Day of the DoctorMatt Smith in 'The Day of the Doctor'

The long-running sci-fi show's Christmas Special has now been given a title: 'The Time of the Doctor'. Rather ambiguous as usual, but with recent developments being revealed by producers, its set our minds racing. 'The Day of the Doctor' saw the Matt Smith incarnation of the Doctor meet his predecessor David Tennant as well as John Hurt who became the 'forgotten' Doctor that neither incarnation ever spoke about. Together, however, they resolved the 21st Century Doctor's darkest regret and saved his planet Gallifrey from total destruction.

If that left you fans thinking you knew the Doctor a little better, think again. Despite the fact that it has been revealed that Peter Capaldi is set to become the next face of the Doctor (this is indisputable given that we saw a flash of him on the anniversary episode), Moffat has revealed that Matt Smith is in fact the thirteenth Doctor. This is significant particularly because it has been well-known for thirty-odd years that he can only regenerate twelve times and thus have only thirteen faces.

With John Hurt now counting as the predecessor to Christopher Eccleston, you'd think that would make Matt number twelve, but no; when David Tennant first appeared on the show he lost a hand and subsequently re-grew it with his regenerative power. So how can Peter Capaldi become the fourteenth Doctor?

Doctor WhoMatt Smith [L]. David Tennant [Centre] and John Hurt [R] in 'The Day of the Doctor'

It has also been revealed that the Doctor will return to Trenzalore; the final series 7 episode saw him visit there for the first time and we discovered that that's where his grave lay. It's all rather death-orientated, but surely they can't be thinking of killing him off anytime soon? He'll have a lot to avoid in order to survive, however, as it looks like it will be monster madness with the return of the ever-present Daleks, the Cybermen, the Silence and the Weeping Angels.