Matt Smith announced last week that he is to step down from the role that made him a household name, leaving the door open for the 12th Doctor in the show's 50 year run to step into Smith's shoes. As the 11th white actor to play the Time Lord moves on to bigger things, there is a strong demand from the public for the next Doctor to break the mould a little a bring in the first female or ethnic actor to take on the role.

The man behind the momentous return of the show, Steven Moffat, has already green-lit a change from the norm and the mounting pressure to introduce a bit of diversity on the show may prove too much for the people in charge of casting at the BBC. Still, a quick look at the odds for the next Doctor seems to indicate that things won't change too much at all, with the top odd all being designated to various white, male actors.

The top three tips for the next Time Lord are Cutting It star Ben Daniels, Irish actor Damien Molony (of Being Human fame) and Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens, with former Doctor Who sidekick Billie Piper and Kinky Boots star Chiwetel Ejiofor the favourite non-white males to take up the mantle. Neither of these two make much sense though, as having a former sidekick regenerate as a Doctor would be too weird even for the Doctor, whilst Ejiofor is frankly too good and too established an actor to make the move to television when he should really be one of the main names to take up Daniel Craig's place as James Bond or being offered Oscar-worthy roles instead.

Regardless of what the odds say, the race really is wide open and considering Smith was a virtual unknown when he replaced David Tennant, there is a good chance that the producers may take a chance with another unknown (which makes Molony's chances look that little bit better). Whatever the result, as long as the new Doctor can prove himself as well as Smith has done then it wont matter if they're black, blue or green really.

Matt SMith Dr Who
Smith has said good bye to the show

Chiwetel Ejiofor BAFTA
Chiwetel Ejiofor is one of the front-runners for the role