Dr. Who has been to many weird and wonderful lands; battling snow men in Victorian London recently, but he won't have found himself in many strangers than e-book readers and smart phones. 

And that's because Eoin Colfer, is due to launch a series of short stories to be written by a  well-known children's authors, staring on 23 January, with A Big Hand for the Doctor. Talking to The Guardian, Colfer explained he was drawn to writing on the Doctor because, "he is a bit of a grump".

"Subsequent Doctors became more chipper and almost childlike and I found the first Doctor interesting because he was not so developed and I could have a little leeway with the character," he said. "As a boy I had been reading the Doctor Who books for years before I ever saw a single episode," he said, "and I found that the on-screen version of the first Doctor was almost identical to the version in my imagination."

You'll be able to grab a new e-book on 23rd of every month; each will cost £1.99. Colfer's story - due this month - will see The Doctor searching for his granddaughter Susan as he takes on "a strange beam of soporific light, and a host of marauding Soul Pirates"  and embarks on "a dangerous journey into a land he may never forget".