The Doctor Who Proms were held in the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday (13th July). The performances have received positive reviews. This is the 5th of the Doctor Who BBC Proms, they will not be the only ones this year as a special weekend has been scheduled to celebrate 50 years of the British television show.

Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman
Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman at the 72nd Peabody Awards, held at the Waldorf-Astoria, New York.

Fans showed up mainly to see current Doctor Who stars Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman. According to reviews in The Telegraph, fans turned up dressed in a bizarre combination of clothes in homage to the Smith's version of the Doctor. 

Addressing his fans from the stage, Smith said "one of the great joys of playing this extraordinary, legendary Time Lord is the support and knowledge and love and brilliance of the fans. You really make the show what it is."

The Telegraph's Ben Lawrence said the prom was extremely "lavish". Performers dressed as Cybermen, The Silence, Whispermen, a Weeping Angel and Ice Warriors mingled amongst the audience. 

'Daleks' being filmed for Doctor Who: An Adventure In Time And Space, in London, February 2013.

Doctor Who actors past and present turned up to the occasion. Smith, the current Doctor, and his assistant Jenna Louise Coleman appeared on stage following a short film of the pair in character. Peter Davis, the fifth Doctor introduces one of the musical sets, as did Carole Ann Ford. Ford appeared in Doctor Who in 1963. 

This will not be the only Doctor Who themed occasion this year, the 50th Anniversary celebrations of the iconic BBC series will be held in November. The BBC has reported that the Welsh National Orchestra and the London Philharmonic Choir (who performed this weekend's proms) will be performing again at the Royal Albert Hall in honour of the show. 

The prom was one of two performances held this weekend. They were both filmed and will be shown in November as part of the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Celebrations.

Carole Ann Ford
Former Doctor Who actor Carole Ann Ford at the 2012 London Film and Comic Con.