Review of Tarred & Feathered Single by DOGS

Tarred & Feathered
Single Review

DOGS Tarred & Feathered Single

Ah Dogs, I like Dogs, they're the Razorlight it's alright to like, they've got something to say about life, they're great live, they like football. And they've had some great singles out too. Unfortunately none of them was 'Tarred & Feathered' which is a tired excuse for an album track at best, with a barrage of cast off Oasis riffola and a grumpy terrace chant for a chorus, this could well be the 'bad egg' to which said refrain refers. Still at least they didn't take the corporate dollar and re-issue and oldie eh? Oh go on, you'd have loved to have heard 'She's Got A Reason' again wouldn't you? You would? Too right.
John McGee