As the holiday season is fast approaching we thought we'd do a round up of this years new songs that have all been released in time for Christmas. The bin men of Wolverhampton have sadly not made the cut, although we wish them well, and as for Michael Ball and Alfie Boe's cover of 'Mistletoe And Wine', well, we thought we'd spare you that. Instead we've gone for ten of the best current crackers to get you in the mood for Christmas. There are some big hitters, including Liam Payne, Lil Nas X and even Dolly and Miley, putting their individual stamp on this years Christmas list, let's hope one or more of them is just the surprise gift you've been looking for.  

Celeste Celeste

Kacey Musgraves - Glittery (From The Kacey Musgraves Christmas show) Ft. Troye Sivan

Six time Grammy Award winner Kacey Musgraves and Time magazine's "perfect pop star" of 2018, Troye Sivan, team up for a lovely, but oh so chintzy, duet amid the tinsel and over sized baubles adorning Kacey's Christmas show. The predominantly baby pink set is only broken up by the odd silver bauble and Troy's incredibly tacky emerald green suit. It's sachrine sweet and just a little mawkish but it's a throw back to times gone by when the world was far less cynical. 

Lil Nas X - Holidays

As seasonal offerings go they don't come much bigger than this one. Lil Nas X delivers up a great new track in celebration of all things festive. From his futuristic  distribution centre below the North Pole Lil Naz's space age Father Christmas is all set to deliver presents far and wide, even some of his own making! 

Celeste - A Little Love

With a little help from a certain department store and supermarket chain Celeste will hopefully make her way further into the mainstream because of her contribution to Christmas 2020. The soulful singer with such an incredible, individual, voice joins the likes of Lily Allen and Bastille as she sings the song to accompany the now hotly awaited JLP ad. "If I give this gift to you, wouldn't everybody get a little love?"

Jonas Brothers - I Need You Christmas

Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas go down the completely traditional route for their Christmas single this year. There are lavish string arrangements and harmonies galore as the Brothers Jonas combine as only they can to sing out a soft and tender Christmas ballad. 

Jess Glynn - This Christmas

To date Jess Glynn has racked up an impressive six UK number one singles. Whilst 'This Christmas' is unlikely to make that seven, you never know. As you'd expect from Jess it's a laid back soulful affair full of warmth. There's a great horn section to compliment the keys and rhythm section and the vocal, as ever, is spot on. All the usual requirements of a Christmas song are neatly referenced; trimming the tree, blazing firesides, mistletoe and caroling and there some great backing vocals in there just to top it all off.  

Liam Payne, Dixie D'Amelio - Naughty List

Former One Direction member Liam Payne and gloabl Tik-Tok star, Dixie (Jane) D'Amelio team up for a Christmas duet, 'Naughty List'. You could argue that neither need to raise their profile any further but, intentionally or not, that's what's now more than likely to happen following the release of this delightful Christmas ditty. It's not D'Amelio's first foray into pop having released her debut single earlier this year and her tie up with Payne will undoubtedly boost her already staggering streaming and viewing figures.    

Dan + Shay - Take Me Home For Christmas

Country duo Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney are clearly full of Christmas cheer this year as this is one of two songs already released for the 2020 festive season. 'Take Me Home For Christmas' and 'Christmas Isn't Christmas' make for a double A-side release ahead of the holidays. The boys have gone all out in the video with fetching Christmas sweaters as they sing on their, socially distanced, doorsteps. "You'll check every box off of my list if you take me home for Christmas" goes the song and you can't argue with that sentiment.   

Carrie Underwood & John Legend - Hallelujah

2005's American Idol winner was no short term, flash in the pan, one trick pony. In the ensuing fifteen years Underwood has continued to build her fan base, wow the critics and sway her detractors. Her Christmas collaboration with John Legend will undoubtedly bring them both a raft of new fans after hearing their sensational duet. The pair share equal vocal duties as Legend tickles the ivories. Both are equally impressive with each of their crystal clear vocals a pitch perfect listen. 

Goo Goo Dolls - This Is Christmas

Goo Goo Dolls doing a Christmas number was not really on my radar this year, but hey life's full of pleasant surprises sometimes and it turns out they've already released a whole album, 'It's Christmas All Over', at the end of October!. The band, best known for their standout track 'Iris', have gone all sentimental for the festive season. Travelling along through the snow in their old VW, with neatly placed bauble hanging from the rear view mirror and presents on the parcel shelf, they look every bit in the mood for Christmas. 

Dolly Parton - Christmas Is (Ft. Miley Cyrus)

It's not that often you get to sing with your Godmother on her Christmas song but that's just what Miley Cyrus has gone and done this year. Shaking off her wild child persona for a while Miley sings a long with the legendary Country & Western singer to make for one of the more unlikely Christmas combos. It's an altogether traditional arrangement with Dolly imparting her views on what Christmas is.