Dolly Parton doesn't see herself as "fashionable".

The '9 To 5' hitmaker insists she is not a fashion figure, but instead just chooses outfits based on what "fits" her but for special events, she likes to look "well-dressed and not half-assed".

Speaking about her style in '9 To 5', she shared: "I have never thought of myself as being fashionable. I'll just tell you what I know about how I look and why I look that way ... I got to dress up like I was a city girl in this film and I've never even thought about being fashionable.

"I just always wore things that fit me. But I thought, for something as big as a premiere, I needed to be fancy and I didn't know how to do that."

And discussing her outfit at the film's premiere, she added: "I thought it was a beautiful dress. I remember feeling really pretty, and I felt like I was well-dressed and not half-assed like sometimes you are. And I just remember that was probably the first time I ever really felt like I was fashionable."

Dolly also shared her love for make up, insisting more is definitely more.

Speaking in a new video for Vogue magazine's Life in Looks YouTube series, she said: "I like to wear a lot of makeup. I think more is more and whoever made up that 'less is more' is full of it."