Dean is rarely seen with his famous wife and she often jokes about the lengths he goes to to avoid the spotlight, but Dolly's husband has agreed to be part of her anniversary party in May.

Dean, 73, who owns and operates a road repair company in Tennessee, will hit the stage with Parton, 69, when she performs at their Willow Lake Plantation home.

Dolly's goddaughter revealed the big news last week (ends06Sep15), stating Carl will be at the party "not to sing - just to be there, at her side, in the spotlight."

The myth surrounding Dean suggests fewer than 30 photos of him with Parton have been published, many of the singer's closest aides have no idea what he looks like, he has never spoken to a member of the media and has only attended one of his wife's shows.

Parton once fondly said of her reclusive husband, "When I am onstage, I am Dolly Parton - and the faker I look, with the hair and the double Ds and all, the more real I am, the more true to my roots. But when I am at home, cleaning out the fish Carl has caught or still putting on the laundry, I am Dolly Dean."