Researchers Jessica L. Allen and Dr. James C. Lendemer recently discovered the plant-like organism on Hangover Mountain in the Unicoi Mountains, part of the Appalachians, which run along the border between North Carolina and the singer's native Tennessee, and they have decided to honour the 9 to 5 hitmaker by christening it Japewiella dollypartoniana.

Allen says, "Dolly Parton is an inspirational figure who has championed the Appalachians both in America and around the globe. By naming an Appalachian lichen species found near her Tennessee hometown in her honour, we hope to pay tribute to her tireless work as an artist and philanthropist."

Parton isn't the only musician to inspire scientists - last year (14), Ozzy Osbourne had a tree frog named after him, while a tarantula species also took its name from late Beatles star John Lennon and Jennifer Lopez had a type of water mite named in her honour.