Dominic Monaghan's creepy pet menagerie has grown - he's now harvesting huge moths.
The Lord of the Rings star is famous for his collections of reptiles and creepy-crawlies, and currently owns two pythons, two spiders and a darkwing beetle.
And he recently took on 18 goliath worms that he's breeding into hawk moths in his bedroom.
The actor explains, "They are in pupa state in my bedroom... It's the second biggest species of moth and they're native to California. They're called the hummingbird hawk moth - they look like a hummingbird.
"You can buy them from pet shops; they're called goliath worms and you feed them to lizards and snakes, which I have, but I didn't want to do that; I just kept them. They grow big and then they go into the ground and then they go into the chrysalis state, which is amazing."