Actor Dominic Monaghan's night out came to an abrupt end on Sunday (21Feb10) after he was thrown out of a Los Angeles club for allegedly making "inappropriate gestures" towards female partygoers.
The former Lost star was at Hollywood's Voyeur club with a group of pals, but they found themselves being escorted out of the venue by security after allegedly "misbehaving".
Monaghan tried to talk the bouncers into letting him back into the club, but he was refused entry and accused of displaying abusive behaviour.
But the actor is baffled by the allegations because he insists he and his friends were all well-behaved.
He tells, "We got thrown out, we were having too much of an enjoyable time. We didn't start s**t at all. We were just drinking and misbehaving and we got thrown out... I didn't fight with anyone.
"We got thrown out because we were showing 'inappropriate gestures towards beautiful women.' But I don't really think that we were. All we were doing was just hanging."