Actor Dominic Monaghan took aim at U.S. chat show host Jimmy Kimmel on TV last night (27Apr10) after the comedian reneged on a deal to buy one of his spider photos.
The Lord of the Rings star was thrilled when Kimmel showed up at the launch of a recent exhibition of his pictures, and then offered to buy the show's most expensive snap - a shot of one of the actor's pet spiders.
But the TV personality and host of nightly U.S. show Jimmy Kimmel Live! left the exhibition without paying and then had second thoughts about taking the large creepy shot home.
Appearing on Kimmel's show on Tuesday night (27Apr10), Monaghan reminded the host, "Jimmy, you walked in... all full of vim and vigour... You kind of arrived late... and he was like, 'I'm Jimmy Kimmel, I'm here to buy the most expensive photo in your exhibition, Send me to it.'"
Monaghan saw dollar signs when he showed his pal the $1,200 (GBP750) photo, but Kimmel never paid up.
The comedian said, "I was told that some people might not be excited about a big picture of a bug in the house."
The actor quipped, "I was annoyed that you turned up and you were like, 'I'm gonna buy that...' and then you walked out. I felt like I'd been abused in some way."