British actor Dominic West had the time of his life shooting new movie John Carter on location in Utah - because he and his co-stars turned their motel into a "frathouse", holding big parties every night.
The Wire star appears in the Disney sci-fi epic alongside Willem Dafoe, Thomas Haden Church, James Purefoy and Taylor Kitsch as the titular character, an American Civil War captain who is transported to Mars.
West admits there was not much to do in between filming in the picturesque state - so the cast made their own fun back at their motel.
He tells WENN, "Off set was a dream. We were in the middle of Utah in this extraordinary landscape. We were all staying in the same motel. It was like a frathouse. There's nothing for miles around and so we were a bunch of Brits with a bunch of Americans taking advantage of the motel; it was a party given by myself and James Purefoy."
And West had an unexpected vacation when he was called back to redo certain scenes: "During reshoots I had a four day holiday in Utah!"