Dominic West was homeless for a night in London.

The 'Affair' star admits he ''quickly'' felt ''invisible'' when he spent a night on the streets in the British capital.

He told Radio Times: ''I haven't experienced being stateless politically, but I've been without money - I've been homeless for a night in London and without money. It was astonishing how quickly you become invisible, and how quickly you become reviled and how quickly you realise that all you've got to appeal to anyone is a common humanity. And that's just not having money, never mind being a refugee or escaping a regime.''

Meanwhile, Dominic previously revealed he moved to the countryside after seeing 'Captain Fantastic'.

Speaking in 2018, after he recently relocated to Slaughterford, a tiny village in Wiltshire, South West England, to live out his ''fantasy'' life, he said of the move: ''I saw a film called 'Captain Fantastic'. Did you see that, with Viggo Mortesen? Anyway, it's about him raising his kids in the mountains in Oregon or somewhere. And I was sitting there and my missus looked at me and she went, 'This is just your fantasy, isn't it?'

''So we moved to the country. But no one said I was going to become a driver. Actually, no, I think maybe they did. And I ignored them. Yeah, I didn't bank on that.''

But the 'Colette' actor admitted some aspects of rural life have left him unimpressed and his kids horrified''.

He shared: ''I don't have f***ing broadband! I've been trying to get broadband for two months. The kids are horrified. I keep kicking them out to build forts in the woods, and they just look at me.''