Dominic West always watches his own TV shows and films.

The 'John Carter' actor doesn't enjoy seeing himself on screen, but thinks it is important to review his performances and find out if all of his scenes have made it through the editing process.

He said: ''I didn't miss an episode of 'The Hour'. The first time I sat down to watch it with my family but they quickly lost interest.

''I don't particularly like watching myself on the TV but I do like to check that none of my lines have been cut.

''One or two ended up on the cutting room floor but that was mostly due to my occasional bad acting - there's some charming self-effacement for you.''

Dominic also admitted he often Googles himself and is always willing to defend himself against online critics.

He added: ''I Google myself all the time. I like to have chats about myself with people - mainly putting forward the case for the defence on forums.

''I use my own name but nobody ever believes it's me.''