Organisers at the annual event announced on Wednesday (22Jul15) that Miles Ahead, the actor's directorial debut, has been selected to screen as the closing night film in October (15).

Cheadle, who stars as the iconic musician and co-wrote the script, is especially enthusiastic about the screening, since New York City is where Davis' music career boomed in the late 1940s.

He says in a statement: "He (Davis) changed the game time after time, and New York is really where it all took off for him... Very exciting."

Miles Ahead has been a passion project for Cheadle for years, but financial problems stalled the film. Last year (14), Cheadle opted to direct the project himself and took charge of the investment issues by launching a crowdfunding campaign on

The fundraiser was a huge success, raising more than his $325,000 (£203,125) target, enabling production to finally get underway.

Miles Ahead also features Ewan MCGregor as Rolling Stone journalist Dave Braden and Zoe Saldana as Davis' wife Frances.