Shots were fired around the set of Don Cheadle's hit legal drama House Of Lies on Friday (15Nov13) to scare Tv producers and teach them a lesson about respect, according to the gangleader allegedly responsible for the incident.

Gunfire reportedly erupted while Cheadle and his co-stars, including new mum Kristen Bell, were filming on location last week.

Police were called to the set, but no one was injured and Cheadle and Bell both took to to poke fun at the drama and assure fans of their safety.

However, the head of the local street gang, known only as P, has since spoken out about the shooting, insisting his crew only fired bullets into the air as a warning to House of Lies producers, who allegedly failed to make any kind of donation to the local community after shutting down certain streets for filming.

He tells, "It would be different if they (producers) went there and helped out my hood... but they want to use it to make a million and not give us s**t...

"We let them motherf**kers be shook (scared) for a minute and sweat... but they left with a real feeling of what it's like in the projects."