Surely Donald Trump should have used up all of his stupid up by now. His 1991 bankruptcy was pretty stupid, especially given that one of his businesses went bankrupt again in 2009. It was pretty stupid of him in 2011 to accuse President Barack Obama of not being born in the USA, particularly as it was promptly negated by the release of Obama's birth certificate. It's now 2012 and he still hasn't learn his lesson.

In fact, he's really taken the biscuit. Before Wednesday he had released statements saying that he may be changing the course of presidential history, reports the LA Times. As it turns out in an announcement yesterday (24th Oct. 2012) he is simply threatening Obama and charities with some bizarre form of politico-social blackmail, by bribing Obama with the promise of $5m to be given to his 'favourite charity' so long as the president releases information from his colleges, his college reports and his passport information. Say what? That's right, Trump wants to see Obama's credentials. The business mogul argued that the current president is the 'least transparent President in the history of [the USA]' (perhaps he forgot about that Nixon debacle). Barbra Walters has snapped back at Trump calling him a 'fool', according to NY Daily News, and she certainly isn't wrong. 

Not only is Trump's gimmick stupid, it's disgustingly offensive and racist. I wonder whether if a white man, with the name 'John Smith' and a democrat leader would find the same obscene treatment. Trump seems to be forgetting that his own lineage is not rooted in the US, indeed, that no  one living in that country, besides indigenous people can root their genealogy there further back than 400 years. Obama is American, he embodies all the attributes that the US praises itself on; tolerance, free speech as well as bravery, honesty and assertiveness. If Trump cannot be proud of that, then he surely cannot be proud of his own country.