As if you needed more proof that Donald Trump has been making disturbing sexist remarks about women on a regular basis and not just in throwaway lines while he didn't realise his microphone was on, the newly unveiled transcripts from 'The Howard Stern Show' is all you need.

Donald Trump at his Cuba policy speechDonald Trump at his Cuba policy speech

The radio host is, of course, a controversial figure in many ways and he's never exactly been able to steer clear from 'locker room talk'. But then, he has never considered running for President either. Donald Trump on the other hand has been considering a political career for a long time, but even with that in mind he let loose a string of vomit-worthy notions about women in various interviews - 15 hours of which have been released online by FactBase from 1993 to 2015.

Princess Diana
In 1997, Stern and Trump spoke about asking women to get HIV tests before dating them.n'I wouldn't say I do this, but you could send lots of people you really like to the doctor before you ever get to know them', he said, following which Stern crudely joked (after suggesting that Trump 'could've nailed' Princess Diana): 'Hey Lady Di, would you go to the doctor?' Trumo proceeded to push the disgusting joke with the line: 'Go back over to my Lexus, because I have a new doctor. We wanna give you a little checkup.'

Britney Spears
In 2007, Trump confessed that he saw Britney Spears in concert at his Taj Mahal casino 'when she was saying she was a virgin and she was so cute'. If that statement wasn't enough to make you feel ill, what he said next surely will. 

'She was sweating and looked beautiful and she threw her hat, right? Now normally if a performer throws a hat and it's sweaty and wet and everything, I'd have no interest in it. But I grabbed that sucker', he said. 'She was so cute and wholesome and nice, I wasn't even afraid of those germs. Today, if she threw it, I'd say 'get that sucker out of here.''

Melania Trump
It's not just women he's never properly met that get spoken about in this way either. His 1999 comments about his then new girlfriend focused solely on her looks, and he even mistakenly said she was frm Austria when she was actually from Slovenia.

'No cellulite', he says, on one of the things that he likes about her. 'In fact she doesn't know what the word meant.' He also claimed that 'she is considered beautiful by the other girls' and gave an affirmative answer when Stern asked if he'd 'felt her up in public.

Miss USA contestants
While speaking about the changes he wanted to make to the Miss USA pageant, there was certainly nothing like putting importance on intelligence or strength on the cards.

'Somebody called up from Reader's Digest and they said, what change is he gonna make to bring it up', he explained. 'I said, well, you know, 'cause it gives huge ratings, they've always gotten great ratings. And I said, well, the primary change is, I'm gonna get the bathing suits to be smaller and the heels to be higher.'

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There will be people out there who will say that Howard Stern is just as bad of a human being for saying what he said, and even that he was the one enabling these kind of comments from Trump anyway. But Trump is a grown man in all of these interviews, and he had the power to step away from a line of questioning if he felt uncomfortable at any time. But what's important to note here is that... he didn't.