Apparently, even art dealers can be sassy. President Donald Trump just requested a Vincent Van Gogh for the White House from the Guggenheim, and they responded by sending him a fully functioning golden toilet. It's still a priceless piece of art, but it's hardly 1888's 'Landscape With Snow'.

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The curator at the Guggenheim was adamant that there was no possibility of lending the picturesque Van Gogh landscape to the White House for any period of time, though she did offer an attractive alternative. In an email, she suggested they install a golden toilet previously on show at the museum.

According to the Washington Post, curator Nancy Spector revealed in an email that the artist 'would like to offer it to the White House for a long-term loan'.

She added: 'It is, of course, extremely valuable and somewhat fragile, but we would provide all the instructions for its installation and care.'

Entitled 'America', the 18-karat gold toilet is a Maurizio Cattelan creation, crafted from millions of dollars worth of gold according to the Guggenheim website. It's quite a famous piece too, having featured on the cover of the New York Post, and has even been used by visitors of the museum.

'The gold toilet - a cipher for the excesses of affluence - was available for all to use in the privacy of one of the Guggenheim's single-stall, gender-neutral bathrooms', the Guggenheim explains. 'More than one hundred thousand people waited patiently in line for the opportunity to commune with art and with nature.'

The sculpture was first proposed when Donald Trump announced that he was planning to run for president back in 2015 and has now become an all too appropriate synonym for the President especially when you consider the metal's importance to the image of Trump Towers.

'Whatever you eat, a two-hundred-dollar lunch or a two-dollar hot dog, the results are the same, toilet-wise', the artist explained.

The Guggenheim likened the toilet to when Trevor Noah staged a parody exhibition in Manhattan called 'Donald J. Trump Presidential Twitter Library' where fans could pose on a fake gold toilet with a blonde wig.

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The White House has yet to comment on the situation.