Celebrities are wistfully remembering what a laugh Donald Trump used to be before he became President of the United States. James Corden in particular remembers 'spanking' him during a Broadway show - that was only five years ago and yet it's a far cry from what you'd expect of him now.

James CordenJames Corden got to spank Donald Trump

While interviewing 'Scandal' star Kerry Washington and 'Saturday Night Live' star Alec Baldwin (best known in the current climate for his Donald Trump impersonations on the show) on 'The Late Late Show', James Corden reflected on their previous encounters with the thin-skinned President.

'He was a different person. He was very gregarious and kinda back-slapping and social', Alec says after being shown a picture of himself with Trump on the red carpet at a breast cancer charity benefit. 'He was not at all like he is now... It seems like he won but he acts like he lost.'

Possibly referencing the Richard Bean production 'One Man, Two Guvnors' in which he played Francis Henshall at the Music Box Theatre, James Corden revealed his own experiences with the country's leader. 'When I was in a play in New York I brought him up on stage', he said. 'This was in 2012, there used to be a part in the play, I'd bring someone up on stage and I brought him up to move some set. He was great! I was spanking his a** [he was like] "Yeah!" He was bent over, I was spanking him, he looked at me like that so I fired him, I sent him off.'

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Funnily enough, a colleague of his made quite the prophetic statement about what happened next. 'And what's amazing is he went straight into the wings and our stage manager said, 'He walked into the wings, it was like he thought he was President of the United States!' James added.

Ironically, if there's any time President Trump needs a good spanking, it's pretty much now.