Joseph Gordon-Levitt won't get into politics because he wants to preserve his ''sanity''.

The 'Project Power' actor - who has two sons with wife Tasha McCauley - thinks ''every entertainer in Hollywood'' contemplated a career move after former 'Apprentice' star Donald Trump was voted US President but he knows it's not for him because he is too private a person.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''I think probably when Donald Trump won the presidency, every entertainer in Hollywood was like, 'Well, ****, if he can do it, I'm at least as qualified as this guy!'

''I don't really see that for myself. For my sanity and the mental health of my family, I like to keep a real boundary between my personal life and my professional life.

''I don't know if you can really do that if you're in politics.

''When they bring their wives on stage at their rallies; my wife would hate that! She doesn't like that kind of attention. I just said more about my wife just now in that sentence than I would ever usually say in interviews.''

Instead, the 39-year-old star - who founded online creative community HitRecord with his late brother Dan in in 2005 - is keen to use his role as an actor to have as much ''impact'' as he possibly can when it comes to instigating change in the world.

He said: ''I'm very interested in seeing, from my position as an entertainer, what impact I can have.

''I think that's questionable because, ultimately, I think younger generations, especially, are less and less interested in what Hollywood has to say about anything other than entertainment.

''But that's also what I like about doing HitRecord. I'm trying to participate in the zeitgeist in a way that's different than Hollywood.''