We don't know how many mics President Barack Obama has broken in his lifetime from his numerous mic-drop moments but we're guessing it's probably a lot. His latest was his response to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's 'Mean Tweet' about him, which he read out on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'. 

Donald TrumpDonald Trump is shut down by Barack Obama

So it was actually more of a phone-drop moment to be precise, but nonetheless Obama nailed his Trump comeback when he appeared on a segment of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' called 'Mean Tweets', where celebrities read out the funniest put-downs that have been directed at them on Twitter.

'President Obama will go down as perhaps the worse president in the history of the United States', Trump (@realDonaldTrump) wrote on the social media site earlier this year. Obama's response? 'Well @realDonaldTrump, at least I will go down as a president.' Boom!

He and Jimmy Kimmel continued to laugh about the businessman-turned-politician, whose insights and misapprehensions have been the source of much entertainment throughout the election in which he faces off against Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. He confessed that he can't help but laugh whenever he watches Donald Trump in a debate, but it's time to get serious.

'We joke about Donald Trump but I do think that part of the reason you've seen Michelle passionate in this election, part of the reason that we get involved as much as we have is not just because we think Hillary's going to be a great president but it's also because there's something qualitatively different about the way Trump has operated in the political sphere', he explained.

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He confesses that he was never worried about the fate of the country when he faced losing to John McCain and Mitt Romney because they are 'honourable men', despite the disagreements between Republicans and Democrats. 'What we haven't seen before is somebody questioning the integrity of elections and the will of the people', he said of Trump. 'What we haven't seen before is a politics based on putting down, in very explicit terms, Muslim Americans who are patriots or describing women not in terms of their intellect and their character but on a 1 to 10 score.'