The internet has saluted an employee at Twitter who used his last day with the company to temporarily shut down president Donald Trump’s account.

The controversial POTUS’ Twitter account, @realDonaldTrump, was deactivated by what the social media company called a “rogue employee” whose last day was on Thursday (November 2nd). It was reactivated 11 minutes later, before Twitter apologised and conducted an investigation.

“We have learned that this was done by a Twitter customer-support employee who did this on the employee's last day. We are conducting a full internal review,” the company said in a tweet, two hours after initially saying that they were “taking steps to prevent this from happening again.”

Donald Trump Melania TrumpDonald Trump's Twitter account was deleted by a rogue employee

However, many Twitter users rose to applaud the unnamed employee for his actions. Twitter, of course, has been the primary platform Trump has used to attack his opponents and promote his divisive policies, both during his presidential campaign last year and since taking office in January. He has 41.7 million followers.

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The news spread rapidly when people, looking for the latest outrageous thing he’s peddling, briefly stumbled across a screen saying “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist”. But rather than it being taken down for threatening nuclear war or continued instances of Hillary-bashing, it turned out to be a guy with a sense of humour, and normal service was quickly resumed.

“Not all heroes wear capes,” was just one of the humorous responses, with many calling on Twitter to hire the employee back or offering him new jobs!

While the White House has not officially commented on the incident, Trump himself reacted cheerfully to the brief suspension of his Twitter account.

“I guess the word must finally be getting out - and having an impact,” the former real-estate billionaire wrote, tongue firmly in cheek.

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