Donatella Versace claims her style is high-maintenance.

The Italian fashion designer admits she likes to look glamorous at all costs and can't remember the last time she wore flats, adding that the most important thing to her is taking care of her skin and her platinum blonde locks.

Speaking at the Vogue Festival at London's Southbank centre yesterday (28.04.13), she said: ''My style is not that big, I wear heels, tight pants and I wear diamonds. I stopped working with a personal trainer as he wouldn't let me smoke.

''I'm not like this genetically, I use tonnes of cream and take care of my hair and skin.''

The 57-year-old icon kicked off her talk - which was hosted by Vogue contributing editor Lisa Armstrong - by discussing her brother Gianni, who passed away in 1997, and how he inspired her to take risks.

She said: ''I was a rebel, Gianni was a rebel as well. I was never satisfied, I'm a very curious person.

''Gianni always told me to be fearless, provocative and daring.''

Donatella also gave an insight into working with the infamous 90s supermodels, claiming Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista and Cindy Crawford used to fight over what Versace look they were wearing on the catwalk because ''they really cared''.