Donna Karan sees her talent for fashion design as a gift from god.

The 66-year-old designer - who launched her eponymous label in 1985 - believes her skills are a blessing and insists it would be ''very spoiled'' of her not to share them with the rest of the world.

She said: ''I feel like I've been gifted. God gave me a gift and I have to use it. My truth is that I think it would be very spoiled of me to be given a gift and not use it. Dressing people and helping them, it's just part of who I am....It's never about me; it's about the we.''

Donna - who left her position as CEO at the label in 1997 but continued in her role as chairwomen and designer at the brand - also revealed she has no plans to retire from the industry anytime soon.

She said: ''When I look at my future, I'm saying, ''Here I am, Donna Karan.'' Do I still want to design? I love designing. I love fabrics. I'm a designer. You can't walk away from that.''

Donna added it is her ''dream'' to travel the world and hopes to write a memoir of her journey.

She told WWD: ''I will always design. I will always be inspired. My dream is a motorcycle diary. I want to get on the back of a motorcycle and create in Third World countries. That's my dream. I'm 60-how-old?

''I say, OK, my clock is ticking. How do I get done what I want to get done? Is this going to be a dream in this lifetime or a dream in the next lifetime?

''I haven't seen enough of the world yet. I'm affected by the world and there are a lot of places I want to go. I really want to continue that work.''