Donny Osmond is grateful for his stint on America's Dancing With The Stars, because it opened him up to a younger audience.
The 54-year-old singer waltzed his way to victory over Kelly Osbourne and Mya in the 2009 series of the show, and he instantly found himself with a much broader range of fans - although one young boy was unaware Osmond had a successful music career.
Speaking on Britain's The One Show on Thursday (16Aug12), he recalls, "The demographics have changed so much. Younger kids have started to realise who I am. When I won Dancing With The Stars... this little kid came to Vegas to see us perform.
"We have a meet and greet after the show and he's in the queue waiting to meet me and his excitement's just growing and growing and he walks up to me 'cos he wants to shake the champion's hand. I grabbed his hand, he looks at me and he says, 'Mr Osmond, I didn't know you could sing too'."