The veteran crooner underwent treatment with throat specialist Dr. Steven M. Zeitels, who has previously helped stars including Adele and Sam Smith, early last month (Aug15) and was placed on vocal rest.

Osmond went back to Zeitels' clinic in Boston, Massachusetts this week (beg31Aug15) and was given the all-clear to begin talking and singing again.

The star posted a video of his throat examination on his page and added, "Oh happy day! I just saw Dr. Zeitels here in Boston. He operated on my vocal cords 3 weeks ago to remove a polyp. After remaining completely silent since then, and with the camera focused on my chords, he told me to sing. With a bit of trepidation, I sang for the first time since the operation... I can't begin to explain how happy I am to have my voice back.

"It's a bit unusual to post a video like this, but I think it's very interesting to actually see my vocal cords work... Thanks to everyone who kept me in your prayers and for all of the thoughtful and kind posts... I'll be working every day to get my voice back to 100 per cent."

Osmond is due back on stage later this month (Sep15) to continue his Las Vegas residency with his sister Marie.