Dougie Poynter thinks Ellie Goulding has ''better style'' than him.

The 27-year-old hunk believes his girlfriend's wardrobe is much better than his and claims he would dress just like the 'Love Me Like You Do' hitmaker if he was a woman.

He said: ''I'll have to say Ellie has better style.

''If I was a girl I'd dress like her.''

The McBusted star continued to say he gets bored with men's clothing because it is limited, which is why he enjoys Ellie's fashion because she can be much more experimental as there is such a wide array of choice.

He explained: ''Girls have way more to choose from. Even, like, down to underwear girls have more to choose from. With guys, you either wear briefs or boxers, but with girls it's like a whole different world.''

Meanwhile, although the couple - who began dating in February 2014 - have both made a career out of their musical talents, Dougie insisted his voice is awful compared to his lover's, so would never duet with her as he fears it would ''destroy her career''.

Asked if they're ever going to collaborate, he told Notion magazine: ''No I wouldn't want to destroy her career. You've never heard me sing solo.''