Dougie Poynter and Frankie Sandford are buying a house together.

The McFly bassist and The Saturdays beauty - who recently reconciled their year-long romance following a brief split - spend so much time together they hope to secure their romance further by purchasing a property as a couple.

Dougie said: "She pretty much lives with me now, in my flat. But we're looking at buying a house, so hopefully that'll go through, and then we'll be properly living together."

The 22-year-old musician - who is joined in the group by Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher and Harry Judd - also revealed he managed to woo Frankie,21, after inviting her to join him in the McFly hot tub following a gig at London's Astoria venue.

He explained: "We were sharing a dressing room, and me and Danny had just had a hot tub installed at home, so we were like, 'Just come over and check out our hot tub.' "

Although that was the first time Dougie had been able to charm the singer, singer Tom revealed his bandmate had had a crush of Frankie for years.

Tom told Attitude magazine: "Dougie has fancied Frankie since when she was in her old band, S Club Juniors, when we'd first come out."

Dougie replied: "I was 15. I was a Junior myself, I was a McFly Junior!"