Dougie Poynter has vowed not to duet with Ellie Goulding.

The couple have been dating for the past 18 months but have no plans to record a soppy love song together because the McBusted star said it could ''destroy'' the 28-year-old star's career.

Asked if they are going to collaborate, he told Notion magazine: ''No I wouldn't want to destroy her career. You've never heard me sing solo.''

However, the 27-year-old hunk has previously revealed they enjoy singing together in the comfort of their own home, just like he does with his bandmates.

He said: ''We both play guitar, exactly what I do with my bandmates. We sit down and play together and, like, jam together and mess around.''

And the 'Air Guitar' singer and his girlfriend are regularly praised for their effortlessly cool fashion, but he insisted he prefers the blonde beauty's outfits to his own and gets bored by the limited range of clothing available to men.

He added: ''I'll have to say Ellie has better style. Girls have way more to choose from. Even, like, down to underwear girls have more to choose from. With guys, you either wear briefs or boxers, but with girls it's like a whole different world. If I was a girl I'd dress like her.''