Doutzen Kroes says motherhood is the key to her success in the fashion industry.

The Dutch model has worked for L'Oreal, H&M and Calvin Klein over the last few years, but rather than attributing her ever-rising status to her enviable figure, Kroes claims it's due to her two children: Phyllon, three, and newborn daughter Myllena Mae.

The 29-year-old explained: ''I've always known that beauty is also from the inside - if you're happy, that will shine through - I've always believed that, but since I've started having a family, I became even more happy, and I think it even shows more.

''I've also become more successful since I've become a mother. To me, that's like proof that if you're happy that's good for you, and people see that.''

The blonde beauty - who's also modeled for Victoria's Secret - is philosophical about her fitness regime, saying skipping the occasional workout isn't a big deal.

She told The Cut: ''If I really don't feel like it, I'll change my plans and choose to be with my baby.

''If that moment makes me happier, I think that's more important. If I've been working a lot and I've been away from my kids, then I don't go to the gym. It's okay to miss a day.

''I tell myself not to feel bad about it, too, because then it's a waste if you choose not to do something and feel bad.''