When we say 'in' music, we mean musicians, but Dr Dre is the richest of them all, according to Forbes. Sure you might have been searching Gangnam Style or bopping away to Bieber over the last year, but it's Dre on the top of the list that matters (to some).

He is kind of cheating though, as not all of his money comes from his musical talents; his popular Beats headphones franchise has seen him glean $100m in pre-tax PROFIT, which added to his extensive back catalogue of hip hop, and the fact he was probably the biggest rap artists through the 90's, it's not hard to see how Dre ended up atop the rich list. Last year's highest-paid musicians U2 dropped to #4 this year, with combined earnings of $78 million from their three-year 360 tour. 1990s British boy band Take That, who's finances were boosted by their reformation in 2005, rounded out the top five with $69 million, earned from an eight-date tour at London's Wembley Stadium, which became the highest-grossing single stadium tour to date.

The  top 10 is dominated by some contemporary artists, but only one's that have been contemporary for ages; veteran musicians if you will. Pink Floyd's bassist and singer Roger Waters coming in at No. 2 with earnings of $88 million from his lucrative The Wall Live tour, and British singer Elton John at No. 3 with $80 million.