Drake says Lebron James is one of his biggest inspirations.

The chart-topping rap star has hailed the NBA star after he passed the 30,000 career points milestone, and Drake has admitted he regards LeBron to be one of his heroes.

He shared: ''Seems like every time we look up, you're setting another milestone or breaking another record and I always tell you that you're one of the most inspirational people in my life.''

In fact, Drake said that LeBron's career achievements encourage him to go into the studio and make new tunes.

He told Billboard: ''Every time you do something like this I always try to get in the studio and make the song that would go with the moment.''

Meanwhile, Ed Sheeran recently revealed he wants to do a song with Drake.

The 'Shape of You' hitmaker joked that he doesn't think his fans appreciate his own rapping skills, but he'd love to get the 'Hotline Bling' star to spit some lines on a track for him.

Ed quipped: ''I don't feel like anyone thinks I can rap, but I really enjoy doing it so - f**k you!

''I really enjoy doing it, but in that aspect I wouldn't because you'd be going against one of the greatest rappers in all time, so I'd stick to what I was good at.

''Like, I rap on my own stuff because I enjoy doing it. That's something that I'd definitely put together in the future.

''I think someone like Drake would be really fun to work with. I'd want him to rap though because I love it when he raps, when he's barring.''