Rap mega-star Drake has certainly been making waves with his new album Scorpion since it arrived last week – not only for breaking the single-day streaming record, but also for the manner of its roll-out, with some Spotify users asking for refunds after his photo appeared on every playlist the platform had.

The Canadian rapper, 31, released his latest double album Scorpion last Friday (June 29th) to great acclaim, smashing the one-day streaming record on the day of its arrival with 302 million plays in 24 hours. It also broke the single-week streaming record within three days, according to Billboard.

However, many Spotify premium subscribers, who have paid for ad-free accounts, have been demanding their money back from the streaming giant after it placed Drake’s face on hundreds of playlists that Spotify curates – even ones that didn’t actually feature any of his songs – arguing that the move amounted to advertising.

DrakeDrake's new album 'Scorpion' is out now

The move from Spotify provoked quite a few reactions on social media and think-pieces via publications like Pitchfork, likening the roll-out to the infamous time that U2 released their 2014 album Songs of Innocence to every single iTunes user, regardless of whether they wanted it or not.

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“I pay for premium because I do not want to see or listen to ads,” one person wrote in a chat with Spotify's customer support team, a transcript of which was posted on Reddit and which indicated that the company was prepared to offer refunds. “Why then is my personalised homepage literally covered in advertisements for Drake? I have not listened to this artist, nor do I listen to music similar to this artist.”

“I agree with all the things you've mentioned,” the customer support team member replied, and offered to refund his most recent payment.

However, other premium users have reported different outcomes to their complaints, and Spotify hasn't laid out an official line on the issue yet.

Scorpion, Drake’s fifth studio album, is a huge 25 tracks long, and is set to beat new albums by Florence And The Machine and Gorillaz to the top spot in the transatlantic charts later this week.

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