Drew Barrymore and her boyfriend Fabrizio Moretti have joined stars like Justin Timberlake after dressing up as fluffy animals for quirky rockers THE Flaming Lips.

Barrymore has revealed she and her THE STROKES star lover donned animal outfits to perform with the group at the recent Big Day Out festival in Australia.

The actress says, "THE FLAMING LIPS are so amazing and they have these big human-sized furry animals dancing on the side of the stage, and so we had a few cocktails and we were hanging out and all of a sudden we were in the animal costumes dancing on the side of the stage.

"It was so wild. There were thousands of people out there and at one point I fell over and we were like kissing on the floor and I thought, 'This must look weird.' What a fun way to spend the night."

09/02/2004 09:45