Drew Barrymore first began acting at just 11-months-old and she landed her breakthrough role in 'ET: The Extraterrestrial' at age 6, but finding stardom at such a young led her to experience a notoriously troubled childhood.

Drew Barrymore
After becoming a child star, Barrymore had a troubled upbringing

The Hollywood star's personal life quickly began to spiral out of control her adolescence years, which included substance abuse, rehab stints and emancipating herself from her parents. Surprisingly, while being interviewed by More magazine, Barrymore claims she wouldn't change it for the world.

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Despite her chaotic younger years, the 39-year-old actress described her teenage self as a "happy, blithering idiot."

"I don't know how to feel differently about it because I don't know what another life would be like, so it's hard to pretend or imagine or wish that it was different because it isn't," she added. "Even if I was a bad girl at moments here and there, I was never a bad person."

Even though Barrymore descends from a long list of Hollywood A-Listers, including her legendary actor grandfather John Barrymore, her relationship with her parents, mother Jaid, and father John, has been strained at the best of times.

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However, Barrymore told the magazine that this helped her understand what it takes to become a good mother to her two daughters, Olive, 2 and Frankie, 9 months. "I didn't really have parents, you know? And therefore the kind of parent I will be is a good, present parent," she said. "In a way, maybe that was a detriment to my youth, but it'll be the biggest asset to my adulthood."

As well as having her own family, Barrymore is also trying to focus on creating a successful beauty empire with her own company 'Flower Beauty.' "I love the beauty industry because even on a workday I can wake up with my kids, go to work, come home, bedtime-there's a normal life there," she explained.

Drew Barrymore
Barrymore always had a strained relationship with her parents

But taking time off from the movie industry wasn't totally her decision, she confessed. "I'm acting less because the hours are too crazy (and) my phone isn't ringing off the hook with great parts."

Barrymore also admitted that she isn't to bothered about stepping away from the limelight for a while, especially since she thinks it is impossible to maintain a company, be a mother as well as a movie star, all at the same time.

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"I'll get in trouble for it, but I'll say it anyway: Women can't do it all," she told the mag. "Quantum physics actually says you can't do it all. Like, you can't do everything at every minute of every day; it's actually not mathematically, molecularly plausible."

"[However,] I do think that women can do everything they want to do, especially if they work hard enough at it," she added. "I don't believe anything comes easy. You have to earn everything in life."