Comedian-turned-gameshow host Drew Carey is nursing a separated shoulder as he films episodes of beloved U.S. TV hit The Price Is Right following an embarrassing running accident.
The former star of The Drew Carey Show was in training for a marathon when he tripped and fell while checking his time.
He tells WENN, "I separated my clavicle in August when I was running... I was checking my watch to see how great my time was, and I tripped and I rolled over. I did a somersault, landed on my shoulder, separated my clavicle.
"My doctor said it would heal after three months but it didn't heal right, so I had to have surgery a couple (of) weeks before Christmas, and now I have to wear this cast 24 hours a day until the end of January. I just go on stage like this in The Price Is Right and tell people not to jump on me!"