Comedian Drew Carey has taken to the internet to deny reports he's been diagnosed with cancer, insisting the story is completely "false".
Fears for the funnyman's health were fuelled by a report on entertainment blog Allie Is Wired, which suggested the star was receiving treatment for liver and pancreatic cancer at a clinic in Arizona.
But Carey has now spoken out to insist the rumours aren't true.
In a series of posts on his page, he writes, "Allie Is Wired reports that I'm at the Mayo Clinic in AZ (Arizona) being treated for cancer... but I'm not. I'm in L.A. chillin'. No cancer...
"Allie Is Wired attributes a 'secret source' that probably didn't just see me have lunch at Swingers in LA... Once again, Allie Is Wired report that I have cancer is FALSE. No worries about me."