Rockers Drowning Pool have distanced themselves from a deranged gunman who opened fire in a Tucson, Arizona car park - killing six people and injuring 14 others - after he used their music as the soundtrack to a video he posted online.
The band has released a statement after learning Jared Lee Loughner, 22, is a fan of their music - and used it to inspire his violence.
The group states, "We were devastated to learn of the tragic events that occurred in Arizona and that our music has been misinterpreted, again."
Drowning Pool insist Bodies, the song Loughner used in his videos which features the lyrics, "Let the bodies hit the floor," is about "the brotherhood of the (concert) mosh pit and the respect people have for each other in the pit."
The statement continues, "For someone to put out a video misinterpreting a song about a mosh pit as fuel for a violent act shows just how sick they really are."
Drowning Pool aren't the only rockers to speak out about Saturday's (08Jan11) Tucson tragedy, which was sparked by Loughner's feelings of disillusionment with America - Linkin Park frontman and Arizona native Chester Bennington has also attacked the sick gunman.
Speaking to Florida's Broward New Times, the singer says, "We live in a crazy world. There's no explanation for it. I personally feel that violence and war and murder are primitive, and I think that we've evolved as a species beyond that. Unfortunately some people still feel that's a means to an end.
"There's a non-violent way to express yourself and get your point across - regardless of what you're saying or what your point is... Nobody, even in a free society, has the right to take another person's life. Ever."