Dua Lipa has paid tribute to her Albanian heritage with the name of her 90s-style PUMA collection.

The 26-year-old pop star has fronted the sporting brand's 'Flutur' campaign which sees her famous moniker emblazoned onto a butterfly style logo of 90s-inspired apparel and footwear.

In a press release, she said: "For me, butterflies are more than just beautiful creatures. They represent so much, like transformation, hope and metamorphosis. Over this past year the butterfly has become especially symbolic and meaningful to me."

The 'Don't Start Now' hitmaker - who previously partnered with sporting brand PUMA by exclusively wearing the brand during her 'Studio 2054' live stream concert - chose to name the collection 'Flutur' as a tribute to her Albanian heritage.

She added: "The name of the capsule, ‘Flutur,' is the Albanian word for butterfly. I chose it to pay homage to my heritage while also celebrating this new beginning with PUMA."

The clothing capsule - which so far features items such as a black hoodie and baby tees - is said to only be a teaser of what is to come next year.

Maria Jose Valdes, general manager of Puma’s Sportstyle Business Unit, said in a statement: "It was important for Dua to release staple pieces that would complement any wardrobe,” . “She knew what she wanted and brought those ideas to the table. This capsule is just a tease to what’s to come next year, we’ve been working around the clock with Dua to bring to life all of her ideas.”