Dua Lipa thinks being called the Quarantine Queen is ''funny''.

The 24-year-old singer - who has been crowned New York Magazine's Quarantine Queen - has kept fans entertained during the coronavirus pandemic with a series of behind-the-scenes insights into her life in lockdown.

Responding to the label, Dua - who is currently at home in London - said: ''When I first wanted to put the music out, I imagined it being played in pubs and bars and for going out. Being called Quarantine Queen, I don't know - it's funny, I guess.

''I hope that it brings back happy memories of the time we're spending indoors.''

Dua - who released her new album, 'Future Nostalgia', in March - confessed to experiencing some difficult days during the lockdown.

However, she also thinks it has served as a ''learning experience''.

She told FRONTPAGE: ''There are days that have been a lot harder than others - where you're just, like, 'What is happening?'

''I've realised it's a learning experience, too. This is a time to do things I don't normally get to do. I think we all live a life where it's always like, 'What's next? What am I doing tomorrow? Where am I going?'''

Despite the lockdown, Dua has made an effort to remain up-to-date with her friends and family.

She also thinks it's helped to strengthen some of her friendships.

The singer - who has been promoting her new album from home - said: ''With my friends, there's a constant dialogue we have going. Group chats, email.

''We're sending each other either movies and TV shows, fun books, or little podcasts. Recipes. Some of my friends are like, 'I'm going to try to be a vegetarian while I'm doing this', and then everybody starts chipping in and sending them ideas and meals.

''It's strengthening our friendships, in a strange sort of way, because we're all sharing this experience. When we start talking about tupperware and the importance of leftovers, I feel, like, very adult.''