Dua Lipa "doesn't like" to discuss her private life in her music.

The 27-year-old pop star has achieved Grammy Award-winning success with hits like 'Don't Start Now' and 'Break My Heart' but believes that some of her industry peers pour their personal woes into their music as a "marketing tool" and she would find it "weird" if fans were to start analysing her work in that way. s

She told the New York Times: "Especially being in the public eye, someone’s always waiting for you to trip or fail or whatever.

"I think it’s a marketing tool: How confessional can you be? I also don’t put so much of my life out there for people to dig into the music in this weird, analytical way."

Outside of music, the 'Levitating' hitmaker - who is currently thought to be dating French filmmaker Romain Gavras but was previously in a relationship with model Anwar Hadid - hosts the 'At Your Service' podcast and this year made her acting debut with a cameo appearance as Mermaid Barbie in Greta Gerwig's smash hit summer comedy 'Barbie' alongside Margot Robbie all whilst recording her upcoming third album and explained that these days her schedule is so "embarrassingly" busy that she has even had to factor in a specific time to watch television.

She added: "I don’t even want to show you my phone, because I’m embarrassed about it, but it’s really down to the minute: where I’m going, what I’m doing.

"I have to watch ‘Succession,’ so I’ve got to schedule that! For as long as I’m having fun, I’m going to keep making music. But why can’t I do other things that I love, too?"