Dua Lipa and Miley Cyrus have teased a collaboration.

The 'Physical' hitmaker previously revealed she and the 'Mother's Daughter' singer discussed a duet.

Asked about the speculation that the pair have recorded a song called 'Coldblood' together, she responded: ''Potentially. Potentially. I'm a big fan of hers and she's so lovely.

''We're thinking about doing something together in the near future. Nothing has happened yet but we are talking about it.''

And now, the pair have taken a series of snaps with producer Andrew Watt - who has worked on records for the likes of Post Malone and Ozzy Osbourne - which have sent fans into overdrive.

Miley captioned the post on her Instagram: ''Dua has heard what you haven't....''

And the 24-year-old pop star commented: ''they are innnnn for a TREAT!!!! (sic)''

Over on her own account, Dua simply wrote ''bromance'' under the pictures.

Andrew - who co-wrote and produced Dua's hit 'Break My Heart' - is set to produce Miley's upcoming album, 'She Is Miley Cyrus'.

The teasers from the pair come after Miley teased fans will see the ''real'' her in her upcoming music.

The 27-year-old star shared a clip from the video for her 2008 single 'Start All Over' as she hinted a new release is on the way.

She tweeted: ''Meet Miley Cyrus..... again. #SheIsComing #ButForRealThisTime (sic)''

Miley previously explained that while she had finished working on her upcoming record - the follow-up to 2017's 'Younger Now' - she didn't ''feel appropriate'' sharing her music in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.

The record is rock-influenced and inspired Miley to have her hair cut in a mullet style.

Admitting she was ready to head out on tour, she previously said: ''But it's hard to feel appropriate releasing music at this time.

''But I made a record that's kind of rock influenced, hence my mullet. This was not just a random Wednesday 'Tiger King' haircut.

''This was to go with the new music, but now I'm rolling through Calabasas with a Joe Exotic mullet.''

Dua, meanwhile, is gearing up for the release of her 'Club Future Nostalgia: The Remix Album', featuring the likes of Madonna, Missy Elliott, Mark Ronson and Gwen Stefani.