Everyone who was beyond excitement about seeing Duane Chapman (known informally as Dog) from 'Dog the Bounty Hunter' on the next series of 'Celebrity Big Brother', prepare to be disappointed.
It looks like Dog, 59, is being denied a visa to the UK after a murder charge on his record from 1976 meant he couldn't come and see his fans on the other side of the pond. When he was 23 he pulled up outside a house in Texas with a group of friends in a car while one pal went inside to buy drugs. An altercation took place that resulted in the friend shooting the dealer and killing him. 'In Texas in the 70s, if you were present, you were just as guilty', Dog explained; he was subsequently sentenced to five years behind bars but only served 18 months of his sentence. 'It's something that follows you the rest of your life, no matter who you become or who you are', he says, and added, 'I'm not proud of it.' Despite this, he says he still 'can't believe' that he has been denied a visa after being on television for almost a decade.
He is, however, launching an appeal for a last-minute decision change despite the show starting this week. All fingers crossed! After all, if the police trusted him to help bring in bad guys with his criminal record for decades, it seems odd that other officials don't trust him to be under 24 hour observation on TV for a few weeks.