Nicole Gillespie, Chapman's homeless daughter, was taken into custody on Sunday (20Sep15) on suspicion of robbing the Territorial Savings Bank on 3 September (15).

Reports suggest the 35 year old passed a bank teller a note before fleeing on foot.

In a statement released on Wednesday (23Sep15), the Dog the Bounty Hunter star and his wife, Beth Chapman, said they were "shocked and heartbroken" by the news.

The statement reads: "It's always difficult and disheartening when someone you knew as a child (allegedly commits a crime). That is the case with Nicole Gillespie, who has been accused of robbing the Territorial Savings Bank on Bishop Street on Sept. 3. We have not seen 'Nickie' in over 10 years. Watching her on Crimestoppers left us all shocked and heartbroken."

Gillespie has yet to enter a plea to the robbery charge.