Poor Dog The Bounty Hunter', real name Duane Chapman, all he wants to do is fight crime and take down bad guys, but unfortunately for him he was once a pretty mean dude himself, and it looks like it's come back to haunt him after the crime-fighting mullet-head was refused entry to the UK because of a past felony committed. Chapman, whose show ran for eight seasons in the U.S., was due to appear on the latest series of Channel 5's 'Celebrity Big Brother' (I know, we were surprised to hear that it's still going too,) put according to The Guardian, the UK Border Agency have denied him entry due to his involvement in the 1976 murder of a man called Jerry Oliver in Pampa, Texas. Damn.

Oliver was shot dead by one of Chapman's friends when they went to buy marijuana off of him. Chapman was waiting outside in a car when the incident happened, but nevertheless was charged with first-degree murder and served 18 months of a five years sentence. In fairness to him, Chapman has never downplayed his role in the incident and takes full responsibility, using it as the pivot as to which he's reportedly turned his life round.

However, the incident of 33 years ago continues to haunt him, and the letter from the Border Agency read "Records show that you were convicted of one offence which carried a sentence of five years. According to those records, that conviction is not spent."