duane 'dog' chapman's wife Beth couldn't bring herself to look at him before she died.

Although Duane had been positive throughout Beth's long battle with throat cancer, she knew he had given up hope just before she passed away.

Speaking on Facebook Live show 'Faith With Katie', he explained: ''They brought her out of the coma and I said, 'You're gonna go see my mom. You're gonna go see your daddy. And Bethy, you're gonna see Barbara Katie [his daughter who died in 2006].'

''She would not look at me because all of a sudden she knew I had given up and I was her last hope.''

Until then, Duane had remained positive, explaining: ''There was no planning. There was no, 'You're gonna die,' Let's plan it. So what do I get? Where did you put the watch? There was none of that.

''[I told her], 'Beth, I do not want to hear about death. You're not gonna die. You are not gonna die'.

''I wonder why they tell people when they're dying, 'Don't worry. You'll make it through Christmas.' They know you're not.

''There's things I hold forever in my heart that I should've done, right. Let me tell you. No one knows what it's like.''

Duane, 67 - who is now engaged to new beau Francie Frane, 51, -also revealed he is ready to move on with his new love.

He said: ''It seems like each and every crisis, and I'm really a lucky guy. There's a reason God brings me out of it- or something brings me out of it.

''There will never be another Mrs. Dog. And I will always carry her in my heart. But now I carry it- her name is Francie- by my side.''