Former Dukes Of Hazzard star Catherine Bach fears Michael Jackson's death in 2009 prompted her lawyer husband to take his life - but she still cannot figure out why.

Peter Lopez shot himself as the first anniversary of the King of Pop's death approached in April, 2010 and three years later his actress wife is no closer to solving the mystery behind his tragic act.

The entertainment lawyer, who represented Jackson and helped the superstar map out his ill-fated This Is It comeback dates, left no suicide note and Bach reveals her late husband didn't drink or take drugs and the family was "financially stable".

The actress only has one theory and tells American tabloid the Globe, "He was the man responsible for putting the This Is It tour together. I think he felt responsible for what happened to Michael. That gave him a lot of grief."

Jackson died from an accidental overdose of anaesthetic propofol while he was in the finals stages of rehearsals for the planned This Is It dates in London.

Bach reveals she and her daughters are now over the worst of the tragedy thanks to family and friends, who have supported them through their grief.

She adds, "We all fell apart. I was in a state of shock for a year. I wouldn't sleep for weeks at a time, maybe just a few hours (sic)... (but) we've stayed very, very close to our priest. Our friends surrounded us with love and wouldn't let me fall."