Blue singer Duncan James has revealed how a recent illness left him facing death or spending the rest of his life in a wheelchair. The singer was rushed to hospital in June, after fluid from his brain and spine began pouring out of a surgery wound in his back, while at his mother’s house.

Duncan JamesDuncan James has opened up about his recent health scare

“Doctors told me I could have spent the rest of my life in a wheelchair – or died,” he told The Mirror. “The feeling in my leg may take years to come back – and it may never return. I’ve always been incredibly active but I’ve been told to dramatically change my lifestyle.

“I had an MRI scan at hospital in June and they rushed me into surgery,” he continued. “They said if they didn’t operate that same day I’d be paralysed because a nerve that was trapped would die. I’d also lost control of my bladder.

"They said I might have to be catheterised permanently. I couldn’t believe it. I thought that only happened to old people.” James released something was wrong when he began feeling ill at his mother’s house.

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“I was getting headaches like I’ve never had before,” he said. “It was throbbing. It was agony and I felt sick. And I could feel a swelling in my back that I knew wasn’t right. I could feel pressure pushing down on my wound.

"It was a Saturday night, and I was with mum watching TV. Suddenly I’m soaking wet. My back had opened, and all this fluid, called ­cerebrospinal fluid, was just pouring out of me. I called the hospital who told me to lay on my front and not to touch my wound."

James’ debut on ‘Hollyoaks’ had to be postponed while he made his recovery. Although he’s still not able to walk properly he’s been able to film his first scenes for the soap. He will make his debut on Thursday night’s episode, playing policeman Ryan Knight.